Tuesday, May 23


I had the distinct honor of creating a commemorative item for a friend whom lost her mother a few years back.  I was given carte blanche to transform her Mamma's favorite tie-dyed shirt into something more her style.   While at first intimidating - cutting up memories!!! - it rapidly became my favorite commission ever.  Blessed.  Honored.  Flattered.


Et VOILA!  A long scarf.  And just in time for Mothers Day. One of my goals was to use every inch of the shirt, especially the neckline and cuffs, which usually get discarded.  I am happy to announce I converted the neckline into a necklace and the cuffs morphed into the posies thereon.  Only a wee bag of scraps were left.  As close to Zero Waste if ever there was! 

Posy Neckline Necklace



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