Friday, May 19


We have a fresh new name!  

Everything will now be under Flora Frock and Fauna.  A quick analysis of the name will explain why, but here's the skinny anyway.  Since we are a sustainable fashion line we wanted to completely encapsulate everything beautiful that this stands for in our name.  Therefore:

  • FLORA - sustainable fabrics mean they come from flora/plants: organic cotton, organic hemp and the like.

  • FROCK - but not just dresses!

  • FAUNA - being eco friendly means we love everything about Mother Earth, especially her animals.  What's good for Her is good for them is good for you is good for us.  Most of our items are vegan - no animal products used - but occasionally, as you know, we use up cycled woolens and cashmere. 

So, welcome to the new Flora Frock and Fauna!  May we wander far and dazzle always.

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